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Digital Vinyl Transfer Printing

Digital print process allows for many of the garments available on our website, either lifestyle clothing and accessories or our workwear range, to have either full colour or single colour logos, text and images hot pressed directly onto garment, and by using the high grade transfer material, will stay as new even when washed at 60 or 80 degrees. But please do read the washing instruction information below to help you keep your printed garments in good condition when the digital vinyl application has been used.  

Our digital vinyl application charges:


Standard Chest Logo

Chest & Sleeves


Back & Chest
































*Other options are available upon request, please call or email to discuss.


The benefit of the digital vinyl process is the flexible positing of logos or text, and lower cost base on smaller runs. It also allows for near accurate photographic reproduction on any image or logo but be careful not to have too large an image that could affect the garment feel.

Digital vinyl process allows for flexible positioning of logos and or text, from chest to back of garment to sleeves, this is done by weeding away your image from the vinyl and applying the image to your garment or product of choice, from clothes to back packs, from workwear to baby & toddler wear.

As we only offer digital vinyl printing up to 200 garments at any one time, at this time, please allow as much lead time as possible until we can increase our digital print capacity.

Artwork files supplied by you to us, must be of high quality to enable our standards to be maintained, therefore we ask that all artwork is supplied in the following formats:






and must be the latest versions to match with our own software. If your logo or image or text is below certain limits, we many have to increase font size and other changes to enable the best reproduction of your logo, image or text. If this happens, we will send you any changes for approval first. If your logo or image is too complex for vinyl print, we may recommend other options and solutions.

We can except j-peg files if that’s the only file type you have, be we can only print colour (s) that are set within the j-peg file. Where possible we can replicate your pantone colour requirement if you can or do provide the pantone numbers, to enable your print finish to exactly meet your requirements.

Digital print set up cost is £10.00, but if the order is above 20 items, this charge is waived.

If the artwork supplied is not of suitable quality, then we can offer our design services to bring artwork to the required standard for a fee of £20.00, we will then send you your updated artwork file for your approval before we undertake any printing. 

Please also note that due to the digital print process, positing of any logo onto garments may not be exactly the same on each garment and for each image, but this is the same for all companies that use the digital vinyl transfer application.

Our Do’s and Don’ts……..

What we don’t do and what we can do:

As a new company, we would rather be honest and open with any potential customer, so here is our open honesty:

We can do a 48 hour turn around on bulk digital vinyl orders from 10-200 garments, subject to order confirmation.

We don’t do same day service on bulk digital vinyl print orders over 200 garments, we can’t yet, but we're working on it.

We don’t do a 24-hour turn around service on bulk digital vinyl print orders over 200, same as above, we can’t yet, but we're working on it.

What we can do is leave miracles to other companies until we can grow capacity, but with your support and understanding, we can hope to do all the above in the near future, so if you place a bulk order with us, see below.

What we can do is manage that 48 hour turn around service on digital vinyl printed garments, up to 200, from confirmed order, generally. The more lead time you can help with, the better we can provide our service. Open and honesty, expectations managed.


The serious bits:

Please Note: if you purchase any of our lifestyle range or from our workwear range and have requested or uploaded artwork for logos or images, please ensure that all artwork is your own original work. Artwork that could or may infringe any copyright or intellectual property issues, may be refused.

When washing and ironing any garment, the washing instructions will vary depending on the type of vinyl used. Whilst we strive to use only the highest standard of vinyl, please ensure that you check with us first on the print vinyl type required for your garment, as the importance of this effects both the washing instruction and any ironing instructions. Always follow the garment washing and ironing instructions on each garment label.

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